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Cats and dogs, as companion animals, have been closely related to human production and life for thousands of years. They have established deep feelings in the long-term shared life with mankind, have special trust and kindness to mankind, greatly satisfy mankind's need for warmth and loyalty, and bring endless joy to people's lives. In recent years, due to various reasons such as demolition and relocation, many cats and dogs have been ruthlessly abandoned by their owners, which has caused disorderly reproduction, and the number is increasing, almost everywhere. Without the ability to prey in the wild, they live in no fixed place, hide everywhere, face the extreme heat and cold, hunger, sickness, discrimination and injury alone, and face the threat of death every moment. The average lifespan of stray animals is only 2-3 years, but their normal lifespan can reach ten or even 20 years. Especially when the long winter in Daxinganling comes, their survival becomes more difficult. We can note that most of those who live outside are small dogs, and their ability to withstand the cold is very weak. Many little guys who can't find a place to shelter can't survive the winter. Most of the cubs who were unfortunately born in winter were killed by the severe cold before opening their eyes. Even though they are already in such embarrassment, they still often encounter indifference and discrimination. Many people call stray cats and dogs "wild cats" and "wild dogs". They mistakenly believe that they have affected their lives. Some people think that they are dirty and ugly and drive them arbitrarily. Others indulge their children and abuse their cubs. Someone brutally hurt the weak and helpless. You know, many years ago, they also lived carefree in the embrace of nature. It was human beings who brought them back from nature out of the needs of emotion, companionship and work, and they became their current partners after long-term domestication. animal. Moreover, because of their better intellectual development and unconditional trust in people, people also train them to provide all aspects of service to human society. Search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, military dogs, drug detection dogs and even treatment dogs provide the most selfless help to mankind in many areas such as disaster search and rescue, service handicap, drug hunting, demining and explosion removal, and hostage rescue. At present, people are trying to treat patients with autism and autism through close contact and interaction with animals, and they have achieved gratifying results. Perhaps, in the near future, batches of well-trained veterinarians will take up their posts and become the only key to unlock the hearts of children with autism. However, some people around us have no sense of responsibility for these small animals that are kind to humans. They just abandon them because they have to move upstairs, or because they are injured or sick, and this has caused them to multiply. It is the true source of stray animals. Therefore, stray cats and dogs are innocent, because they are completely dependent on human beings to survive, and they cannot control their own destiny. In many countries, laws have been made to protect companion animals, and the abandonment and abuse of companion animals will not only be morally condemned, but also intolerable by the law. At present, the animal protectionists in our country are also actively working to promote the promulgation of the animal protection law. At that time, the rights and interests of these wandering lives will be effectively protected. At present, in order to help stray animals improve their quality of life, stray animal rescue volunteers in Jiagedaqi District have self-funded and set up a stray animal rescue station to provide shelter for some homeless animals. However, due to the limitations of location, financial resources and other factors, the operation of the rescue station is difficult, and a large number of stray animals are still living outside, hungry and cold. They still need your sympathy and love, your friendship and warmth. As volunteers for the rescue of stray animals in Jiagedaqi, we solemnly put forward the following initiatives: 1. Please respect life and do not discriminate or harm stray animals. Life is equal, and every life has the right to be respected and cared for in the world. In particular, the emergence of stray animals is entirely caused by human society and should be resolved by humans. We must change our view of stray animals in our ideology and not to blame them for mistakes. You know, they once had a home, and they don't want to be abandoned and wandering, so please criticize and condemn those irresponsible pet owners, and give sympathy and care to these helpless lives. Even if you don't like them, please tolerate their existence. You can not love, please don't hurt. 2. Please be a responsible pet owner. Companion animals are friends, family members, and children. They have no reservations about your trust and attachment. There are thousands of choices in your life, but his life is only you. Therefore, no matter if he is old, weak, sick or disabled, he should not give up, let alone give up! Once you choose, you must be persistent and stay with you for life. We must know that there is no stray without abandonment. Even if we cannot be the rescuers of stray animals, we must not be the creators of stray animals. Abandoning animals may be a relief for you, but it is an unfortunate beginning for animals. Therefore, no matter what difficulties you encounter, please stick to the bottom line of kindness and responsibility, and carry out love to the end! 3. Not extreme or one-sided, and treat stray animal rescue in a correct way. Many people are disgusted with animal rescue, thinking that the vulnerable people cannot be saved. Why do we need to rescue animals? First of all, all beings are equal, and stray animals and people in difficulties are also disadvantaged groups and need attention and help. Today, when the social security mechanism is becoming more and more perfect, the needy people have received many attentions, relief channels have been increasing, and the situation has improved significantly. The stray animals cannot express their demands, nor are they protected by laws and functional departments. Obviously, they are in a more vulnerable position and need more care and care. Secondly, too many stray animals will cause safety hazards and seriously affect the image of the city. Indian Mahatma Injira Gandhi once said: Whether a country is civilized or not depends on the attitude of its people towards animals. Therefore, the rescue of stray animals is not only a requirement of actual life, but also a requirement of civilization and progress. Please do not view animal rescue with one-sided, extreme and subjective views. If possible, please give the rescuer as much support and help as possible. 4. Please actively participate and support the rescue of stray animals. Relief is not a problem that can be solved by one person or several people. It requires the attention and participation of more social forces. Therefore, we advocate diversified assistance, and everyone participates in assistance as much as possible. If there are stray cats and dogs that are often seen near the community or unit, I hope you can provide them with some food and water. Even the leftovers may help them continue their lives; if you don’t see them frequently, please pack the food separately. Next to the trash can, there are often places where stray animals feed. If you go out to eat, you must sort and pack meat and other foods and place them in places where stray animals often visit, or provide them to stray animal rescue stations. You can also infect people around you to care for stray animals, and then realize group management, group control and group protection of stray animals. Everyone can set up a group care point in the community where they live to build nests for stray animals that are stray in the community and are not suitable for group feeding at the rescue station, provide food and drinking water, and take measures such as immune sterilization to ensure their health and avoid reproduction . At the same time, people with the ability and conditions can also choose to adopt, adopt or sponsor stray animals with a sense of responsibility. 5. Please adopt adoption instead of purchasing to give stray animals a home. Adoption instead of purchase is an important way to reduce stray animals, and it is also the most powerful rescue. Adopting stray animals is a good act for oneself and a turning point in fate for animals. Wandering lives are more well-behaved and sensible, docile and obedient, and cherish hard-won happiness. They may not be as beautiful as cats and dogs, but the love they give you is just as unreserved. Therefore, if you happen to want to have a companion animal, or if you want to find a companion for the furry child at home, please adopt adoption instead of buying it, so as to give the stray animals a chance to go home and give them a love and love. Chance to be loved! 6. Please respect civilization and refuse to eat cat or dog meat. As companion animals, cats and dogs are different from wild animals and farm animals. They have rich and delicate emotions, and have a high level of intelligence, generally equivalent to children aged 3-6. They have a keen sense of happiness and pain. At the same time, they have a close relationship with humans and deep feelings that other animals cannot compare. Moreover, they also provide the most selfless help to mankind in life and work. Therefore, they are human friends, partners, family members, but not food. Some people say that eating dog meat is traditional culture, but the deep foundation of all cultures should be respect for life. Traditional culture should also be subordinate to the prerequisite of respect for life, and should not condone harm to life. Some people say that eating dog meat is a folk custom, but when the custom becomes a bad one with the development of civilization, it must be improved and abandoned, otherwise it will be kidnapped by the barbaric backwardness. With such a wealth of food today, eating companion animals is undoubtedly contrary to modern civilization. Let us start from ourselves, respect civilization, be kind to life, and refuse to eat companion animals! 7. Please respect civilization and be a high-quality pet owner. Currently, more and more families like to have a companion animal, but due to the lack of knowledge and concepts of scientific and civilized pet raising, it has caused great troubles to the urban environment and citizens' lives. Therefore, pet owners must tie a leash when taking their pets out of the house. This can prevent the pet from being affected by the environment and frighten others due to the stress reaction, and it can also prevent the pet from getting lost. At the same time, you must pay attention to cleaning up pet feces when taking pets out to avoid burdening environmental sanitation. We suggest that pet owners should learn more about scientific knowledge of pet raising, establish a civilized pet raising concept, and be a high-quality pet owner. Dear friends, good thoughts are only one step away from good deeds, and you can never walk without action. Believe that you who are kind, have a moment of heartbeat, sympathy and compassion in the face of stray animals. But sympathy alone cannot change the world. Let us take action, start by paying attention to stray cats and dogs, learn to respect life, be kind to animals, change the world with micro-kindness, and warm the world with our love. Finally, let us pray together. May all life in the world be treated with tenderness, and may all stray animals have a home!
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