Join Us: International Sale Partner

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Update time : 2021-10-20 13:51:55
We ask for:
1. Complete relevant sales target based on our marketing strategy.
2. Develop pet products customers and maintain customers.
3.Put the company's various promotional activities and market plans into practice. 
4. Support and expand sales channels by continuously delivering brand and product knowledge.
5. Collecting first-hand local market information.
You better have:
1、Experience in pet industry and FMCG are preferred
2、Online (community, group buying, etc.) or offline (shopping malls, pet stores, pet hospitals, etc.) related sales channels for pet products are preferred;
3、Hard-working, strong pressure-bearing ability and good communication skills;
4、Love animals, love sales work, having passion and willing to join the pet industry;
5、Marketing, food engineering, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, animal science and other related majors are preferred.
We Offer
1.Systematic training in product and marketing for each partner.
2.Commission for each order based on sales amount.
3. All logistics, warehouses and customs declarations in China are offered.
We look forward to your joining!!!!
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